Friday, 26 February 2016

2016 ! And still here blogger world!

Oh dear. Facebook and twitter and instagram... my blog has fallen by the way side! Any artists reading - what do you use, if anything, to share your work, progress? I've been really enjoying facebook for the ease of connecting with people from all walks of life through the sharing of my paintings. Its great to get feedback, to share progress and struggle, and for occasional sales! But the blog is still the only platform to really write anything down. So here is a little update!

For the past couple of years I have really felt that I know what I'm aiming for with a painting. I simply adore the illusion of light in an image, and the challenge of doing that in paint. Here's a few from the past year for you:

Very excited to have joined the Waterside gallery in St Ives, they've got several seascapes including this 128cm x 58cm  'Soft Light, Summer'  for £1,495. It is acrylic on canvas, with my favourite lighting - I just love the way paint can create the illusion of blinding light, making you squint when you look at it!

I'm also just about to paint some work for the gorgeous Gribbin Gallery in Polkerris, Cornwall, and have recently joined the Jane Reeves Gallery in Padstow. Things are going brilliantly at the Harbour Gallery in Portscatho, so its all about Cornwall at the moment! I'm so glad as its a short/mid term aim to move there, such an inspirational beautiful place... and it'll give me much more opportunity for plein air work on the coast, which has been such a beneficial exercise over the last couple of years. Its trickier working outside with the elements, but has such a massive effect on my understanding of light and colour.

However I still adore the opposite side of the country, and have just come back from visiting Loch Rannoch again, in the highlands. Utterly gorgeous. Here's one I did after a run along the water's edge, the snow, water and air clarity make for incredible light. These will hopefully be heading up to Scotland Art in Glasgow.

Morning Glow, Loch Rannoch, 65cm x 65cm

Morning Run. Loch Rannoch, 38 x 38cm 

Much closer to home though, I'm excited to have work on display at my framers, Hall of Frames on King St in Belper. They're absolutely lovely in there, if you're passing, go and say hello!


  1. I'm late to the party but I would argue in favour of blogs for their archival nature.

    It's next to impossible to find old posts in a Facebook feed, especially for outsiders. But blogs, like yours, offer a simple search facility that will list all relevant articles.

    On the other hand, the viral nature of Facebook seems to win most people over.

  2. ...and beautiful work, by the way.