Sunday, 31 August 2014

Busy year!

Sooo busy!

I've continued to work pretty much non-stop, and the more I paint, the more I want to ;)

I've shifted back into oils again for the sheer love of paint - its a completely different way of working but I love the butteriness, the way the hold their shape when you apply them to the canvas.

I've been concentrating a lot on tones, and real colours - anyone who knows any of my work from previous years might notice how reliance on sweeping contrasts has given over to greys and warm and cool tones. All possibly sounds very boring but I am fascinated and enthused!!

Just starting an exhibition in Cromford Gallery, Derbyshire, and just finished one in Alderney. Plans for two solos next year, very exciting! Here's a snapshot of what I've been up to.