Friday, 5 April 2013

Creative highs & lows

Why are some days so purplepatchy for painting? And some just ok, and then some... its like the art fuse has blown.

I'm trying to make sense of the patterns.

If I'm ill, or over-tired, painting is a completely foreign language. MUST REMEMBER THIS.

If I'm listening to music that doesn't particularly inspire me, the paint gets moved round the canvas like unwanted food. I can be quite picky, and I don't always know what the music should be.

If I'm in company, eg. with my girls, I can paint a nice pretty picture.

If I'm emotionally preoccupied - happily, sadly, angrily or whatever - well, it can go either way. If the energy gets channelled in the right way, the best paintings can emerge. If not, its back to paint-pushing.

If I'm feeling encouraged, ie by positive critique, feedback or sales, then good painting usually follows.

So - on my own, healthy and rested, positive, with the *right* music = good painting. Hopefully.

Sold two yesterday from Studio 61, including this one - Round the Cliffs, Bolt Tail. Must go visit the exhibition now its up - amazing to be exhibiting alongside Nansy Ferrett.

Now trying to focus on getting work ready for the exhibition in June at The Mulberry Tree in Swanage. Just got to wait till I'm well-rested, healthy, alone, positive, un-rushed and musically inspired. Hmm.

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