Monday, 25 March 2013

Studio 61 Exhibition with Nansy Ferrett-Campbell

Here's some of the pieces I'll be exhibiting. Loved working alongside Nansy, can't wait to see how our paintings work together hung in the same dedicated space.

The first is the view east from the tip of Bolt Tail, in South West Devon. The cliffs are *huge*, full of fulmars and gulls winging about. Its the site of an Iron Age hillfort, and on a clear day you can peer west to see the Lizard in Cornwall. Its twenty minutes walk from the Hope & Anchor in Hope Cove. What's not to love.

This one is the gorgeous coastal path crossing the river by Thurlestone beach. There had been a landslip so it made our walk back to the Hope and Anchor a bit longer but the evening light all the way was divine.

You can sit on the doorstep at my friend Sarah Gill's house and look over the river at the hill and their lovely brown sheep. Its in Modbury, a little way from the coast and so peaceful, hard to imagine its the site of various intense civil war battles.

 Quite a different part of the country - this is the path to Troutbeck, and a brilliant, friendly pub called The Mortal Man. Found ourselves there in the van one night en route home from Scotland. One of those gorgeous places that lets you stay overnight if you're having a meal. The walk was amazing, a glitzy moment of light cut through the wet weather and lit the hills and heathland.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Seashells and other stories

Here's the piece I did yesterday, loved painting this. It felt very self-indulgent. It goes with the words of the blog post below this. Its the Dorset Coast - the distant monument being Clavell Tower which I really want to go stay in!!  :) It was built in the early 1800's as an observatory, but has also been used as a lookout for the Coast Guard in the past.

I'm using W&N artists acrylics at the mo, and am loving their strength of pigment and texture.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Paint and garden and duck days.

Spring is my favourite time of year, getting outside as much as possible. Finding bulbs and azaleas through the thicket of ground cover!

About to let loose the ideas and pieces that are desperate to break out of my head. When I've got so much sometimes its better to start slowly, let the ideas form a little! Various lyrics and words swirling round in a Haiku fashion, shaping the paint. :)

One broken sea shell
Communes but does not press me
A Cracked Transmitter.

One old Mirror Split
The Other View depends on
that which you hold close.

One moon and full sun.
Follow me down through the gate
Make me a whole day.