Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Osborne Gallery

Just wangled it so I can head down to the private view of the Artists & Illustrators annual exhibition in London. I'm exhibiting these three:

Painted that last one 'Just one more hill' over the weekend - whilst listening to Jesca Hoop who has the a *stunning* voice. Go listen. Standout album - The Complete Kismet Acoustic. Try Intelligentactile 101. Genius!!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Laura's painting

Been doing unusual paintings this week. I had a commission from Massage Therapist Laura involving several different subjects important to her - wild swimming, dog walking, snow, rainbows, mother earth and obviously, hands. :) Felt like permission to doodle! Loved it!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Year

Happy 2013 :)

Another new year. Am I tempted to plan the shedding of the dark things, the sad things, the difficult things, the unchangeable things and somehow be transformed into a perfect shiny thing...?

Well, not really, when I think into it. They're part of me. And they inspire paintings, music, and provide the deep shadow to the sunnier moments. Richness. So, just a bit of tweaking...been stalking Mr Alcohol Dependency with malicious intent and now is the time.

So much stuff planned this year! Lots of things art, music, challenge, festival and fun on the horizon:  painting in Devon in February, McTears in Glasgow in February, Artists & Illustrators Exhibition in London, April exhibition at Studio 61, teaching art to the Alderney Art Club in May, June exhibition at the Mulberry Tree in Swanage, and various art workshops, the first of which is next week. Gotta bake some cake!! Also starting my next commission tomorrow - a 120cm oil of Llandwyn beach in Wales. Yes please.

Here's a lovely little painting by my very good artist friend Nansy Ferrett :) We are teeny, and the universe is huge.