Sunday, 2 December 2012

Devon & Cornwall week

Urgh I've been ill all week! BUT it was still fantastic to spend the time by the sea, making lovely new friends and seeing some of my best ones on the planet.

Didn't end up doing much teaching  but I managed to visit the Brownston Gallery in Modbury to deliver seven new paintings. I love Catherine's gallery, and some of the work in there is stunning. Lovely to see mine up along side.

Then went on to visit lovely artist/gallery owner John Tregembo, who has recently opened the Camel Valley Gallery in Wadebridge. He's immediately put my work on the website, which is great, and written some lovely things! So now 'Remembrance' is sat in the window, looking vibrant. Its in the right county now :)

I also managed to visit Tintagel, somewhere I haven't returned to for fifteen years or so. Its an ancient castle, cut in two by coastal erosion and linked by a wooden walkway. It feels as wild as it sounds and is full of story, historical and fantastical.  It was deserted and cold and perfect. 

Plenty of paintings sat in my head now, and new stories.

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