Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Artists & Illustrators Exhibition

So, I'll be exhibiting at the Osborne Gallery in West London as part of the Artists & Illustrators annual exhibition in February!

 Here are the pieces I've submitted. And a great illustration they are of my ongoing quandary with style ! I know I've said it before - but it seems the only way I can feel a painting is a success is if I have responded 100 % to the reason behind each individual piece. Maybe that sounds a bit precious! But how else could I work? I always paint the story in my head. Sometimes this is laced with mood and make-up. Sometimes its all about the beauty of a moment. Sometimes its just the blind *feel* of a place is what drives me.  I can't do all this with the same painterly methods...

I hope, though,  that my work has a recognisable identity, as it means I'm successfully communicating... I've put some descriptions and comments associated with the paintings below.

 'I Am Going In' :
A precious memory. The fragility of a moment and its immediate loss. But peace in knowing that fleeting life is set against a backdrop of constancy. All will be right.

 'On the castle Walls, Tintagel'
Such richness of myth and story set beside these resilient walls. Its seen so much. I didn't want a magical Tintagel, hazy light and fantasy... the story is in the weight of the stones and the constant sea.

'Sky is Changing, Tintagel'
Stories come and go, people flow through, the sun rises and sets and the sea breathes. 

 'Still it Sets, Newquay'
Busy corner of a beautiful county! I painted colour and light and tidal swell, heavy headland. 
Sun setting on each day, regardless.

'Sun and Showers, Derbyshire'
A painting about always looking - catching brief yet utter beauty whenever I can. Takes me so long to get anywhere when I go outside, I spend so much time staring. Saw two shooting stars last night, wow!!


  1. I think your work definitely has a recognisable identity :) I know how you feel though, I have similar thoughts about how my own work looks together and whether it's all coherent.

    That first painting is so beautiful, it really looks like it captures a moment, fleeting light...