Monday, 8 October 2012

Painting painting painting...

Grrr rubbish. Here's what I have produced today. It took me most of the day... there are those days where things just don't work, and no amount of pushing through will help. It all ends up being a waste of paint.

Thought it'd be interesting to post this painting anyway. Maybe it doesn't look like a failure to some people; its got light, distance, the composition isn't too bad, its balanced... but...

Its just not coming from ME. Its a place I love, the Five Sisters at Kintail, with light that I love; but if there is one thing I've learned - its if a painting doesn't contain some spark, some shard of my soul, some genuine reason & story, it just falls flat.

What I also know is - when I have days like these, I should get outside. Put everything away and go and stare at some water somewhere. Always a refresher.

I'll get everything out tomorrow and probably come back to this at a later date. Be great when the studio is finished... Its coming on :)

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