Thursday, 27 September 2012

Air Arts Exhibition at Royal Derby Hospital

Preview and party today, met some great people and managed to be late for everything. Now for sleep!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Artist of the Year

Yay! 'Showers and Sun, Derbyshire' got picked from around 4,000 entries for the Artists & Illustrators magazine Artist of the Year final.

I haven't entered anything for years... the odd exhibition, like the Derby Open, whose selection process has so far kept me out since about 2007 (|I am going to keep trying though!) The last competition I entered was the Derbyshire Artist of the Year, which I ended up winning!

 This one involves online voting, which I am never particularly sure about. I'm a pretty avid internet user, and have a profile on Twitter and Facebook, and will be promoting the voting opportunity! But some finalists won't be into all that, so they surely won't get the same exposure... its a bit flawed. I think, though, that there is judging involved too, so it won't be all about numbers. Hopefully. Nice opportunity and lots of lovely comments have arrived on my webby doorstep so it's a right old ego boost.

Another boost has been the response so far to my work for Light Relief Air Arts the Royal Derby Hospital. Can't wait to see it in situ at the opening on Thursday - its just off the main corridor near the front entrance. I've so enjoyed the whole process involved! getting to paint large pieces of my favourite subjects... yum. I also just got a commission to paint a large landscape of a lighthouse scene on the Welsh Coast. Mmmm there's something about lighthouses, I've always been drawn to them... perhaps its their lone tinyness, set in the dark, unpredictable, beautifully untameable surround.

Must go paint now, remove myself from the sofa and drink tea.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

And finally...

Alderney lighthouse... 

The one whose light flicked across my bedroom through all those glorious summer holidays. There used to be a fog horn too, till recently.... I loved hearing them together, the Alderney one and the more distant ominous tone of Casquets, out to sea. My favourite place will always be the cliffs on Alderney, in thick fog, with the sun burning in and the gulls drifting in and out of sight.

This piece makes me think of one of my favourite artists, Edward Hopper. I love the light in his paintings. Read a great piece about him on The Vibes blog yesterday.

"...he loved the way sunlight paints those shapes, completing them."

Mine isn't quite complete yet but I'm so excited by the shapes and light. 

Slightly tangentially (but not really), I wrote a little song recently called Lighthouse, here it is.

If I kept the lighthouse at night

Calm through the mist and the spray
There till the sea calms and falls
Would you visit me still?
Would you visit me still?

If I were an artist I'd live

In a stone house by the sea
There you could find me by day
Brushes and view
Would you be there too?

If I were a singer I'd learn

How to write one honest song
turning the soul outside in
changing the view
written for you.

If I kept the lighthouse at night
Calm through the mist and the spray
There till the sea calms and falls
Would you visit me still?
Visit me still.

Foggy, fleeting, fantastical life. Love it.


Thursday, 13 September 2012

...and more realism

Just finished a large painting of Crich Lighthouse. I'm loving this project for Hidden Histories :)

Monday, 10 September 2012

New work

So here's what came out of today: Little Light, Dover. 120cm x 80cm.

I used to really struggle, as many artists do, with liking my own work. I'd battle and battle with a painting, love it for a week then develop utter contempt for it and anything else I'd created. The unhelpful insecurity beast does still rear its head sometimes... but mostly, I feel confident in my job title these days :)

This painting I simply, unashamedly love. So there.