Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Summer painting

Summer painting... though very little has actually occurred! Been so busy with festivals and Red Ruff singing - and holidays in between. Just back from Shambala festival - the best festi I've ever been to. Such a colourful explosion of creativity! Loved singing there.

I was over in Alderney last week, full of coastal inspiration. Nice to find prints selling from the Braye Beach Hotel! It reminded me to call in on Studio 61 up the road to sort out a new range of prints asap. Also recalled that I have a website called Alderney art.com... must get some more Channel island paintings on the go! I'd like to go and teach a workshop over there... exciting plans!

I have just arranged my next Devon teaching week, in November. Looking forward to that. I like having all this sea-time booked in :)

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