Monday, 16 July 2012

Royal Derby Hospital Exhibition

Ah I'm excited about this one. I'll be working on four (three now!) large landscape canvases for the Hidden Histories exhibition in September.

Here are my words to go with the paintings:

"I was fascinated by some of the historical artefacts chosen from Derbyshire Royal Infirmary and the City General Hospital. Some were exquisite, some alarming, all heavy with stories.

The eye-test card was the perfect object to work from. I have had corrective eye operations in the past, and consequently a long history of visits to the opticians, struggling to decide whether one lens was clearer than another.

Sight is my most precious sense. The window of the soul, facing the world, through which the world returns the stare. The card signifies communication to me; visually recalling a beacon, or a powerful light source. In much of my work I include the aerials, memorial towers and lighthouses dotted around our wilder landscapes, beacons of communication themselves. The lighthouse is the guidance, the hope when our eyes falter."

Here's my first painting - of Godrevy Lighthouse in Cornwall. The canvases are 120cm wide and will dominate the space within the corridor off the main entrance at the hospital. I want to make sure the paintings have impact, whilst their light is warm and inviting.

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