Monday, 16 July 2012

Meet the Maker, Studio 61

Had a lovely opportunity the other day from Studio 61. 

They've flagged up some of my recent work, and done a mini interview. I love doing these  - answering questions on the what, whys and hows. Its good for me to evaluate! Here's the link to the interview - and here's the answer to one of the questions that I particularly enjoyed answering.

What inspires you?

"So many things! 

I get inspired by the light around the coast; the sea, the landscape across our island. I am constantly inspired by the positive, energy-filled, encouraging people I’m lucky enough to know. The stories attached to places, both personal and historical, always influence and weave through my work. 

I’m passionate about music in most forms and don’t usually paint without it. Also laughter, and light-heartedness… often caused by my brilliant, inspirational ducks."

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