Monday, 25 June 2012

Just keep painting, do be do be doo...

Spent today ignoring the debris of post festival/surfing mess, painting and listening to all manner of tunage. Stared at the ducks too for moments of smile :)

It was good. Reflection blues on the rocks - the best of colours. Some days are made for painting.

Standout painting tunes today... Wye Oak, Civilian; Nine Inch Nails, Head like a hole; Temper Trap, Soldier On; The Cure, Burn; Nick Drake, Time has told me...

Been working on smaller seascapes. So enjoying the 30cm square format. My lovely dad has made many nice white frames so I can pop them in straight away, so very satisfying.

Feeling so ready for Devon next week. A whole week by the sea, just me!

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