Friday, 15 June 2012

Derby Cathedral Gallery Exhibition

Its up! I so enjoyed painting this.

I originally titled this exhibition Hidden Derbyshire as I wanted to paint the lesser known areas, where I spend more of my time, as opposed to the drama of Curbar Edge and the High Peak.

It ended up being more about being hidden, however, as I realised that almost all my paintings are done from the perspective of one safely tucked into the shady foreground.

When I walk out into the fields, through the woodland nearby or even along the banks of Carsington water, I’m in escape mode, engaging with the slow pace of the seasons instead of the daily race. I included 'The Day I Walked' - an older painting but it fit perfectly with the others for me.

I hope I captured something of the peace I feel outside in these places, under the big sky.  

The exhibition will be on display in the Sir Richard Morris Lounge, Derby Cathedral Centre, Iron Gate until the end of June. Visit their website for info.

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