Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Art sales and critique.

Great news today, following a lovely visit to @Studio61gallery to drop paintings off with Karina. Well worth a visit, especially on a rainy day. It feels like sunny seaside in there.

It followed a bit of a messy day yesterday too, where I'd managed to charity shop my twelve year old's wrapped birthday presents the day before her birthday. In amongst five big bags of clothes and toys and blankets they went to the small Help the Aged in Belper - and in the space of four hours, they 'lost' all five bags. Mind boggles.

Heard from McTears that another oil has sold; Moorland, Shieldaig. Its the second in a month - I'm so pleased! Interested too. I've had some contrasting feedback with regard to my paintings recently - I'd appreciate any more any of you reading might have! I've been advised that my foregrounds are not detailed enough - that they fall away, and the viewer is not drawn into the painting in the most effective way.

I always, always appreciate thought-out critique, so have been keeping that loosely in mind as I've worked on recent images for the Cathedral Centre exhibition in Derby (see previous post). But the two that sold (and got great feedback) at McTears are two that directly received this criticism. Is it all just down to personal taste? I know to only paint what inspires me, and no other, but I do want to get better at the same time and take on wise advice where given.

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