Thursday, 26 April 2012

Derby Cathedral Centre Exhibition

Been working on pieces for this exhibition in June. Its called Hidden Derbyshire - my favourite Derbyshire places I can walk away into often; local, less well-trod. Here they are :)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

happy spring things

After the auction at Mctears the other day I had an email, out of the blue, from the new owners of the painting. They had bought it as a gift for their son, and wanted to know a bit more about the location of the painting and any other info I could come up with. It was SO nice to get this; I'm not typically notified by galleries when my work sells and i certainly don't get to discover who the customer is! It was lovely to talk about the emotion behind the painting and make a connection with the buyers, a very satisfying way to sell. I think I already said - I'm looking forward to work being in another auction on May 1st with McTears.

The following week i saw on the ScotlandArt website that my long term favourite painting has finally sold - its been reserved several times in the past. I was so pleased - I love it, how great that someone else loved it enough to want to own it!

Today went down to Gallery 61 to meet some lovely tweeting artists and makers! Met Karina, the owner of Gallery 61 - she is hopefully going to be printing some work for me to sell down at Hope Barton. Also Ruth Gray, Jenny Oldknow, Michelle Pearson and Helen at Big Green Tree - coffee n chat :) Great gallery to visit, all sorts of lovely bits n pieces handmade by artists and makers known to Karina.

In Red Ruff news... song-writing is going well!! Got loads of new material to work on in time for the Sunrise Festival, where we are playing here! And lots of other gigs to come... So excited :)