Saturday, 31 March 2012

Art Auctions and other new stuff!

I was invited to submit some paintings to McTears Auctioneers in Glasgow recently - the sale was on Tuesday last week. This one sold!

Apparently its unusual to sell your first time - so unexpected and exciting :) there's another auction on May 1st, the Scottish Contemporary Art auction, in which happily they are submitting more of my work.

Last week I was down in the glorious South Hams, in Hope Cove. Perfect weather and lots of paintings done. Its in preparation for being the artist in residence at Hope Barton in June, where I'll be running a painting course. Here's some of the results

I haven't done much painting outside since I went out a couple years back with Colin and Mark; I loved it. Obviously sun and my favourite subject of coastal waters helped - but just being outside, looking, looking and really looking, being solitary and so intensely within the moment... it was utterly precious. Also pints n crab sandwich by the fire at the Hope and Anchor...

The paintings were for a purpose - they're obviously a bit more pretty than usual :) they're on the 5 inch square canvases, and will be what we work on in June. I'm putting them up for sale at Hope Barton itself.

Now I'm back, I'm working on the coming 'Hidden Derbyshire' exhibition for the Cathedral Gallery in June in Derby. And getting ducklings tomorrow - very exciting!!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

New work and old work :)

Picked up several paintings from Woodbine Contemporary Arts yesterday. Six are framed beautifully in black frames with a wide mount in between. I'll be hopefully sending them up to the McTears Fine Art Auction in Glasgow, as they contacted me the other day to ask for work. Always nice to be asked!

Also got some great advice from Rowan at Woodbine Gallery. He's an excellent artist and I am always up for constructive criticism... so results will be posted soon!