Monday, 23 January 2012

new year n insomnia

hey ho, sleep off again. But gives me plenty time to think through new ideas and plans...

About to paint a racehorse called Pippas Pride, which is a lovely first. I've just finished a cat called bubbles, which was another. Very happy working on my animal portraits :)

Got to find time to do several seascapes to take down to Hope Barton, South Devon, in March. I'm off down there for a week to paint locally - and plan for a course I'll be running there for holidaying residents in June. My friends, the lovely owners, are also going to hang my paintings round and about the cottages. Can't wait, that is my idea of the perfect job...

Also got to plan for my exhibition in June at the Derby Cathedral Centre, as organised by the lovely Geoff Robson. Its going to be titled 'Hidden Derbyshire' and I'm hoping to do about twenty smaller landscapes of my local area, Amber Valley. Places like Crich Stand, Riber Castle, Shining Cliff Woods... you don't have to drive far.

Wandering down to Studio 61 in Matlock this week, hopefully to see about hanging some work there. be nice to have things exhibiting locally again :)

And in other projects... songwriting and preparation to sing at several festivals (Sunrise, Exile and Shambala!) Which you can read more about here: RedRuff.

And finally, this weekend... I'm off to Cornwall for friends, parties and sea air. Very excited.

Night x

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