Thursday, 27 October 2011

Painting workshop with Ridgeway Art Group

Had an excellent days workshop last week with the Ridgeway Art Group, in sunny Oxfordshire.

Pat Cooper, my aunt, is a member of the group, and they were all keen to get some fresh inspiration. Thus far they've used watercolours, mainly, and they all fancied learning a new painterly skill... so Pat asked me to come and run a days tuition.

Work produced using acrylics for the first time!

My second demonstration painting, of Loch Shieldaig.

Live demo!

One to one work

It was - hopefully for them and definitely for myself - so much fun! They're a lovely group and were all very willing to courageously change the way they paint and approach a blank canvas with a new mindset. The focus of the day was 'painting in acrylics'. I started the day off with a talk and a demonstration of how to create a good landscape painting from scratch from various photographs available. Their biggest challenge, I think, was the sheer amount of paint you get through in comparison to watercolour!

Following the demo they all had a go, and I gave them individual tuition and advice through this stage. After a lunch break we then did the whole thing again, with a different subject. I was particularly impressed by what they were able to produce on the second go - for most the second time they had ever painted on canvas, let a lone with the medium of acrylic.

They all went away inspired by what they were able to do, with fresh energy for future painting. Which of course is exactly what I'd hoped, so extremely encouraging for me!! I'm now thinking about how to move on with this - I'd love to do it with other art groups on a regular basis. Marketing isn't a strong point of mine though...

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