Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Oh its been a lovely summer! Full of trips to the sea and friends and family, and singing. I'm at my first gig at Wirksworth Festival this weekend - with Nansy and Sue, doing three-part harmonies. Not too nervous...

Also been full of art. I eventually realised the six foot commission would never fit in my van, so arranged some scary last-minute couriering to get it there in time for our visit. We hung it (not easy!) and here it is, in situ:

Exciting teaching opportunities too! I'm off down to Oxford to teach a class, hopefully in the spring. I'm also expecting to do some teaching weeks at a good friend's holiday cottages in South Devon - as well as being their 'resident artist' with work showing down there. Really excited about it -  got plenty of ideas for how to fill a day and I love helping people develop their artistic skills. A real turning point for me was going to Derbyshire artist Lewis Noble's weekend art course several years back - partly in hearing how he worked, and partly in giving myself permission and time to develop.

So along with paintings of the South Hams in Devon, the next thing I'm getting ready for is the Scottish Female Artists exhibition in Edinburgh, previewing on Thursday 6th October. Watch this space for images - got to get my act together!