Tuesday, 19 July 2011

High on life and chemicals.

So started work recently on my big 185 square canvas, downstairs in the barn since I can't get it up the stairwell! Discovered a bit too late that theres not much ventilation in there, so spent yesterday feeling high and fuzzy from the white spirit intake. Still, LOVING moving the oil about and creating the shapes; starting the texture and deciding on light. Might post a progress pic later on!

Did an art lesson for my friend recently who is studying art for GCSE - once again finding it so useful to articulate the way I work. Not often that things have to actually be straight and ordered in my head! She is studying ME as her course artist - how amazing is that...? She's written/illustrated an A3 book about my work and methods. Its so much more exciting than being accepted into a gallery or selling a painting. :)

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