Friday, 8 July 2011

New Etsy shop!

So got some lovely little black and white pieces up on Etsy now. They're 5 inches square - 3.8cm deep with black edges, and look lovely on the wall... I love doing them! Loving working under the name JennyLou too - just a little different perspective, different license.

My beautiful 6ft square hardwood canvas has arrived and that is next - just got to get it upstairs to the barn so I can start work!

My wonderful parents came to visit this week and I ended up giving my mum a short painting lesson - turns out she's very good. It was interesting to do - it made me articulate the methods I use. I hardly ever use brushes really - only to get the paint on the canvas. Then its a process of getting the shapes, colours, tones and textures perfectly balanced for the idea in my head - something I do mainly with rags, turps and scratchy things I find around the studio floor... I love the surface to feel like its emerged from the canvas, rather than been painted on there.

It was fun! And on our brief survey of family and friends afterwards, no one could tell which one I'd painted, and they all preferred mum's painting...

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