Saturday, 2 July 2011

Etsy Site

Quite excited as have been busy in between large oil paintings and framing missions, making small affordable art!

I recently sold off some small pieces to friends 'from the studio floor' and was amazed by how many friends wanted to buy my work - purely because they could actually afford it. I suppose its not that surprising but it did just make me think - I'd love my work to be more available...

I decided to open an Etsy site called Jenny Lou Art - and sell small, stylized oils and drawings as gifts - work that wouldn't fit in the galleries I exhibit from. Here's an example:

They're 8 inches square - haven't decided on the prices yet. What d'you think?


  1. great idea, Jen! Hope you sell lots and lots on Etsy! JX

  2. Have you opened your etsy shop yet? I can't find it! Jx

  3. Its this - but no stock yet! Just workin on it now! :)