Thursday, 21 July 2011


Wondering today about doing some teaching again. I'm loving the one-2-one sessions I've done recently, and am just thinking I could perhaps run a day at my studio for a few people to paint, learn, pub lunch... I don't know. Any thoughts? Got to discover how to advertise - not my strong point!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Etsy gift shop stuff :)

More JennyLou work today on Etsy, as above. These small canvases are ace studies for my gallery work. I'm loving doing them. Keeping very busy!!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Seascape so far

So far I'm happy - put the paint on the way I wanted, then took it off with the desired effect. The challenge is retaining a sense of control over the shapes. I feel like I need bigger hands and bigger cloths :) Just having to adjust the way I work. My aim is for chiaroscuro drama for the eye, the surround organically sweeping from your feet away round the headland, up round the sky and back in again. I know what I want...

High on life and chemicals.

So started work recently on my big 185 square canvas, downstairs in the barn since I can't get it up the stairwell! Discovered a bit too late that theres not much ventilation in there, so spent yesterday feeling high and fuzzy from the white spirit intake. Still, LOVING moving the oil about and creating the shapes; starting the texture and deciding on light. Might post a progress pic later on!

Did an art lesson for my friend recently who is studying art for GCSE - once again finding it so useful to articulate the way I work. Not often that things have to actually be straight and ordered in my head! She is studying ME as her course artist - how amazing is that...? She's written/illustrated an A3 book about my work and methods. Its so much more exciting than being accepted into a gallery or selling a painting. :)

Friday, 8 July 2011

New Etsy shop!

So got some lovely little black and white pieces up on Etsy now. They're 5 inches square - 3.8cm deep with black edges, and look lovely on the wall... I love doing them! Loving working under the name JennyLou too - just a little different perspective, different license.

My beautiful 6ft square hardwood canvas has arrived and that is next - just got to get it upstairs to the barn so I can start work!

My wonderful parents came to visit this week and I ended up giving my mum a short painting lesson - turns out she's very good. It was interesting to do - it made me articulate the methods I use. I hardly ever use brushes really - only to get the paint on the canvas. Then its a process of getting the shapes, colours, tones and textures perfectly balanced for the idea in my head - something I do mainly with rags, turps and scratchy things I find around the studio floor... I love the surface to feel like its emerged from the canvas, rather than been painted on there.

It was fun! And on our brief survey of family and friends afterwards, no one could tell which one I'd painted, and they all preferred mum's painting...

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Etsy Site

Quite excited as have been busy in between large oil paintings and framing missions, making small affordable art!

I recently sold off some small pieces to friends 'from the studio floor' and was amazed by how many friends wanted to buy my work - purely because they could actually afford it. I suppose its not that surprising but it did just make me think - I'd love my work to be more available...

I decided to open an Etsy site called Jenny Lou Art - and sell small, stylized oils and drawings as gifts - work that wouldn't fit in the galleries I exhibit from. Here's an example:

They're 8 inches square - haven't decided on the prices yet. What d'you think?