Friday, 10 June 2011

Before & After

Here's a before and after for you! (the top image being the 'before') Its a very recent painting I've done that will be heading down in its new white box frame to the Brownston Gallery in Modbury.

Its an unusual one, in that I almost prefer the drama and abstraction of the former painting... but it just didn't feel complete till it reached this latter stage. Gorse and Grass and light on the water. A piece destined to be more atmospheric and recognisable. It reminds me of wandering around the cliffs in Alderney, near Piacatie and my Aunty Pam's seat, looking south towards Guernsey and Jersey. Makes me homesick.


  1. Oh - well they are both beautiful and create good feelings in me - but for my taste the BEFORE definately has it as I love the stronger counterchange in it! Alison

  2. initially i'm struck by the contrast of the before, but the reality of the glint on the sea and the brightness washing colour from the world in a beautiful merge of sun sea land & heat makes the memory come alive far more for me in the after.

    i have the benefit of a face-to-canvas experience too, which is always better than the shrunken electronified image! ;o)

  3. :) The first just had that lovely spontaneous feel - and of soul... of something MORE than the finished result. Much as I love it! x