Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Festivals and Frames

Such a good weekend in Devon - Home Festival at dartington, first small festival I've been to and I'm hooked.

Managed to get a day at the coast at Bigbury on Sunday, such gorgeous shape in the headland and the mica cliffs make for beautiful light.

Dropped my newly framed seascapes off at the Brownston Gallery in Modbury. http://thebrownstongallery.co.uk

Its a great gallery space, with a lovely terrace coffee shop out the back and some beautiful art - especially love the work of Kathy Ramsay-Carr. http://thebrownstongallery.co.uk/gallery/index.php?artists_id=27

I've framed the work differently - moved away from white frames to chunkier bare wood frames, and I'm very happy with the finished effect. Frames make such a difference! They present the painting with finality and pride - and make the final step of independence from the artist. Always excited by the whole thing.

Got a link to my site on the http://www.catmosecollege.com/?gallery=gallery_exhibitions&left=gallery site now - promoting the Coast exhibition for July. Its brilliant to be contributing to a collection of work specifically concerning a love of the sea. Feel I've somehow 'made it', whatever 'it' is. :)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Seawards again

Excited - get my paintings back for the Brownston Gallery this week - all nice and framed and lovely - then heading down in the van to drop them off, before heading on to the Home Festival at Dartington. Can't wait! Some sea/friends/family time on the Sunday/Monday, and bound to come back buzzing... All ready for my big seascape commission!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Before & After

Here's a before and after for you! (the top image being the 'before') Its a very recent painting I've done that will be heading down in its new white box frame to the Brownston Gallery in Modbury.

Its an unusual one, in that I almost prefer the drama and abstraction of the former painting... but it just didn't feel complete till it reached this latter stage. Gorse and Grass and light on the water. A piece destined to be more atmospheric and recognisable. It reminds me of wandering around the cliffs in Alderney, near Piacatie and my Aunty Pam's seat, looking south towards Guernsey and Jersey. Makes me homesick.

New pieces

Oo, good day. Friend of mine, Andrew Bird, messaged today that he'd had a 'finishing painting' day. Its the layering method - I've had a similar day. Working on canvases that have had hours poured into them... a few moments of inspiration and happy energy, and they're complete. A hugely satisfying, excellent feeling! The days of battle are long gone, and somehow it all just snaps into place. Here are today's pieces - sadly I didn't take 'before' pics!

Talisker, Skye - 60cm square
Along the Edges, Peak District 100cm x 30cm

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

New Gallery!

Really excited today - I've had a chat with Sue at the Brownston Gallery in Modbury, South Devon, and my work will be showing in their summer exhibition from mid July. 

I've wanted to have work homed in Devon for years! So now I've got four landscapes lined up to courier down in a few weeks time. Heading down that way with my eldest in a couple of weeks, to go to the Home Festival in Dartington. Amongst other varied world music (its run by the Womad organisers) Suzanne Vega is playing - really looking forward to it! 

Also excellent news: public art gallery Catmose College, based in Rutland, contacted me to ask for work for their summer exhibition. http://www.catmosecollege.com/?gallery=gallery_exhibitions&left=gallery

Here's the blurb for it: 

"Catmose Gallery's holiday exhibition will comprise of several stunning seascape paintings created around the UK coastline, shown besides beautiful hand-made glass and unusual high quality ceramics inspired by the sea. The painters have been drawn from across the country for their expressive and traditional approach to capturing the diverse ambience of the coast, whilst the designer-makers have been selected for their modern reflections on the ocean 
within their practice. This is a great opportunity to purchase unique artwork."

Can't express how satisfying it is to be marked out for my work on painting the sea...

I actually have a large seascape commission I'm about to start - a 5ft square, along the lines of 'Still Looking':

Can't wait to see it in situ when its done!