Monday, 9 May 2011

Art of patience

So here's a taster of a 'bad day'... or a work-in-progress, depending on how positive a light you want to shed!

Think I'm going for the positive, as I sit in the sun listening to Lamb armed with tea, writing this. New Lamb Album is BEAUTIFUL.

Sometimes I just do not know what I am doing. I literally have to go back to the colour-wheel!! I've given myself so much freedom to paint intuitively, emotively, that I get lost in the physicality of it - the smearing of creamy paint, cleansing of turps, and tiny knife marks where it counts... I'm so desperate to get the strength of image in my head onto the canvas, but with each painting it seems as if there is only one possible outcome, and its a marathon journey to reach it! Other times its just round the corner...

This one - is definitely a good 26 miles to go. Aaargh! How can I produce such boring, twee imagery when the stuff behind my eyes is just buzzing?!

Anyway... perhaps his will turn into something beautiful. These seascapes always take me three or four visits, and I am only on the second... I'm just so impatient!

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