Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Line in

Right, so unfortunately patience didn't develop overnight and I had to go back to the canvas today. The weather being warm the paint was actually just about ready...

So here's the result:

I'm a lot happier with this.

The reasons for this are not, perhaps, immediately obvious...

I am simply looking for the feeling of a place. It isn't much more complex really. I want the ground to rush to your feet and pull; I want the atmosphere to hit you in the face. That sparkling essence of a mental snapshot, recalling why it was so evocative in the first place. I want to look at these paintings and see why I painted them.

So this one - well, ta dah, its a coastline. 'Line In'. But its pulling me, and asking me why I'm not there in it. And other big questions! And ultimately I just feel that these pieces that speak to and work for me are somehow better paintings.

I'm not sure me and Line In are finished - it certainly hasn't asked for the trek I was predicting yesterday. But we've reached an understanding in the relationship :)


  1. Rich and evocativ eof snad skimming along great expanses of beach in the wind - wonderful!