Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Busy hols... moving best friend Dawn from London to here - woo hoo! - and general lovely business with the lodger Duncans. They're going home soon and its going to be far too quiet!

First day back today and as usual not the best results painting-wise. Always seems to take a couple of days to sink back into Jenny Aitken : Artist before it all starts flowing again. Unquenched desire to go coastal not helping either - not sure when I'm next going to get to the sea and I'm feeling a little bit lost...

However had a near-perfect walk round Shining Cliff Woods near Belper at the weekend. Bluebells, garlic and a 2000 yr old Yew. A family lived in it 200 years ago, carving a cradle in one of the boughs, engendering the nursery rhyme 'Rockabye Baby'. A magical ancient woodland, wanted to hang around all day.

Hopefully watch this space for more success with paint...

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