Friday, 15 April 2011

Sunny social networking !

Had a lovely morning at I Should Cocoa, Belper, meeting artist/landscape designer Andrew Bird in the flesh!
Connected a short while back via twitter. I love conversation with others treading the artist path; simple chatter about materials and beloved views really brightens up a day. Discovered he has family connections to Alderney - how bizarre!

I recently met up with the lovely Jenny Oldknow, also an artist based in Belper; on this occasion through Facebook. There's negatives to all this online time but I love the opportunity for new communication streams... Sharing of links, ideas, news and general bubble. Ideal for the isolated artist!

Back to the brush this afternoon and here's the latest:

Fort Clonque in Alderney. Calm one minute but utterly wild the next, and huge tides. On the spring tides when the sea recedes you can find Ormers - mother-of-pearl, or Abalone shells - under the rocks in the furthest pools. Its a haven for the coastal treasure-hunter!

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