Friday, 1 April 2011

So excited!

Have agreed to work with Lorna Mcnee of Art Agent Europe to promote my paintings in London, Ireland and the North East. She is full of helpful advice on the whole marketing malarkey, too - including how to make my cv a lot more interesting. Just not the way my mind works!

My work is available this week at the Chelsea Art fair with Woodbine Contemporary Art too. And i had my first enquiry from my Pet Portrait website, this could all make for much arty busy-ness! Brilliant. The last few months have seen a bit of a rest from the brushes; I'm anxious to move on from that now. Just ordered 24 canvases for my mini-gallery exploits - where I am planning to sell work exclusive to that site. Will post new paintings to the blog - they will be black and white oil landscapes on unframed canvas, hopefully :)

On the larger canvases I am going to have to include some Moroccan colour! I really want to go back...

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