Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Pets n Paintings

Had a visitor this week for a couple of days. A small black and white patterdale terrier turned up in the kitchen with no collar and no desire to leave - what with the Duncans staying she ended up being pampered by 8 doggy people. Aside from feeling like a criminal when I phoned Amber Valley Council to report her found, the whole 2-day experience was pretty lovely! Did make me think, though - the freedom I currently enjoy is huge. So very appreciative...

Freely been painting what I felt like painting today, in my kitchen with Maximo park on. Carrying on with black and whites, but looking more at Alderney landscapes as I am dead-set on fitting our yearly visit in soon!! Somehow.

So this is Braye Harbour, in Alderney. Sat on the Breakwater! Ooooh I want another sea trip. Ended up doing this piece much more finely that I would normally... maybe because its such a very strong image in my head. Haven't painted Alderney for a while, looking forward to some looser work; the tides there are incredibly strong around such a tiny, resilient landmass of cliffs, heath and sand. I love it.

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