Monday, 4 April 2011

Eek. Woke up Sunday with only one working leg... not sure what I've done but its certainly slowed me down!

Rules out a number of things I was going to be up to today but on the plus side, I'm going to have to spend more time sat down with a brush in hand.

I got a delivery back from Scotland Art today of six paintings that have done their time up in Glasgow and Edinburgh - its like welcoming back old friends! They are now available on my mini-gallery site and living happily on my own walls for the moment.

Its not often work stays on the walls - partly because its typically painted for gallery exhibition, and partly because there's always something new to hang! Its really rare that I want to keep a painting. People often ask if there are pieces that I cannot bear to part with. But to keep hold of a painting renders it somehow incomplete - to see it homed is an essential part of the cycle for me. It seems that each piece I deem to be finished has somewhere its meant to go - and only very occasionally, that's with me.

Hobbling off to the docs now to find out what on earth I've done.

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