Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Moroccan hangover

OOO I loved Morocco. What I saw of it, anyway. Due to my incredibly high-flying, talented sister's relationship with Hilton Hotel, I ended up staying in the most opulent resort imaginable on the coast near El Jadid. It was a speedy weekend visit, taking in the hotel pool, hotel spa, hotel restaurants and hotel bar - but the organisers did also squeeze in time for an afternoon at the Souk in El Jadid. I was struck by how friendly and communal the place felt. And I loved using my rusty French all over the place!

Now back, and though down twenty degrees in temperature, I'm excited to be in conversation with an artists agency. Will keep you posted!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

So Elbow were fantastic! Seasoned professionals, managing to turn a cavernous space into an intimate experience.
Attempting to make my weedily spacial front garden into something intimate through planting STUFF everywhere - last yr it was a freebie trampoline - v successful - and this week has seen the plantation of a willow dome! I absolutely loved making it - haven't used my hands in that way (bar snow sculpture n fimo!) since A levels...
But back to the studio... have spent some time in there pondering the squares of white and since I'm off to Morocco tomorrow with lovely sis, I'm leaving major beginnings till next week. Who knows how the exotic will inspire, anyway!
Armed with a dress n sandals and can't wait. :)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Onwards & Upwards

Spent this afternoon clearing the studio - and you may not notice much difference but its now definitely ready for me to be back in it with a vengeance! Can't wait. Brimming with ideas.

New site!

Just got a new site set up with Mini-gallery -

Spent last Sunday collecting willow for a dome for our garden, hopefully building it tomorrow! Helped tend the one across the road at the girls school, its a satisfying art... Got my fingers itching for rags and paint. The day is shining outside and this spring feels so hopeful, despite the terrible happenings around the world. New paintings are going to focus on the power and resilience of the land, I think.

Off to see Elbow Saturday, now there's an inspirational band :)

Friday, 11 March 2011


So after a week of writing to galleries, getting to grips with Google adwords and other such admin stuff, I'm absolutely dead set that next week is only about painting. Once my lovely house guests have headed off, anyway!!

I'm at that exciting stage again where my mind is brimming over with colour n pictures n poetry and its got to come out. I even wrote a letter to a friend this week - not done that in an age! I'd happily relaxed into the world of immediate communication, forgetting the draw of the handwritten letter. Hopefully its legible.

Spent last night round at Colin Hallidays with Heather Duncan - excited to see Colins new work on his website, landscapes looking fresh and beautiful. Especially like this one:

Friday, 4 March 2011

Sat in the vibrant Derby Quad this am and had a lovely cuppa, over a deep and intense discussion. Debate is sometimes good, but I am all washed out now!! So spending the rest of the day thinking about rabbits losing their fluff and the Tai Chi course I'm about to start. Also off to see The Dream Circuit play this Saturday in Stoke with hub Matt and friend Tony B.

In other news, my work will appear via Woodbine Contemporary Arts at the Chelsea Art Fair and the Affordable Art Fair this month. Exciting!

Big questions of life aside, all is currently sunny!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

New adventures in artistry!

So, 2011!

Whilst work is ticking along nicely on the landscapes side, I've decided to make more of the portraits that I do. I've created a website for it - go see at!

Will post more soon about exhibitions planned for this year - things are going well at Scotlandart, up in Edinburgh and Glasgow, I'll be sending new work there soon.

Off out to enjoy a moment of sunlight!