Monday, 5 December 2011

New pet portrait

Heres my latest. Been working on many different artistic avenues recently and this one was a change.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Art and Craft Christmas fair

I'll be here Christmas art and craft fair on November 26th, between 10am and 2pm, selling my JennyLou work.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

painting day

Got my little 30x40 canvases sat in front of me today. Thinking autumn woodland walks and lonely hidden places. No big beautiful views. Burnt orange and dark umbers. Listenin to Dave Matthews, Lisa Hannigan and oh maybe if it all gets too melancholy I'll whack on Led Zeppelin. Will post results... :)

Monday, 7 November 2011

Met with Geoff Robson who organises the exhibitions at the Cathedral centre in Derby today. We had coffee and croissants at Jack Rabbits - am hooked, its ace! They've got it right, especially with the large metal coffee cups that keep your extremely yummy coffee hot.
Hopefully the exhibition should be on next year in June, just before the Olympics craziness starts. I want to do a collection of local oils, based on places I love around this way, Amber Valley. Already got a few of the woods near here, Shining Cliff, and I can't stop painting Crich stand from all angles. Perhaps good to stop painting the sea for a bit and cast my mind elsewhere.

Keep spying the garden - the autumn colours are so beautiful, but there's a deal of work I need to get done... fortunately we developed lodgers last month, one of whom is Mike Johnston, guitarist and gardener extraordinaire... can't recommend him enough!

Still thinking about teaching art groups... got to get myself organised and do something about it. Been quite busy with my band recently, Red Ruff! Recorded songs the other day, here's the myspace link. Much fun!!!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Painting workshop with Ridgeway Art Group

Had an excellent days workshop last week with the Ridgeway Art Group, in sunny Oxfordshire.

Pat Cooper, my aunt, is a member of the group, and they were all keen to get some fresh inspiration. Thus far they've used watercolours, mainly, and they all fancied learning a new painterly skill... so Pat asked me to come and run a days tuition.

Work produced using acrylics for the first time!

My second demonstration painting, of Loch Shieldaig.

Live demo!

One to one work

It was - hopefully for them and definitely for myself - so much fun! They're a lovely group and were all very willing to courageously change the way they paint and approach a blank canvas with a new mindset. The focus of the day was 'painting in acrylics'. I started the day off with a talk and a demonstration of how to create a good landscape painting from scratch from various photographs available. Their biggest challenge, I think, was the sheer amount of paint you get through in comparison to watercolour!

Following the demo they all had a go, and I gave them individual tuition and advice through this stage. After a lunch break we then did the whole thing again, with a different subject. I was particularly impressed by what they were able to produce on the second go - for most the second time they had ever painted on canvas, let a lone with the medium of acrylic.

They all went away inspired by what they were able to do, with fresh energy for future painting. Which of course is exactly what I'd hoped, so extremely encouraging for me!! I'm now thinking about how to move on with this - I'd love to do it with other art groups on a regular basis. Marketing isn't a strong point of mine though...

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Oh its been a lovely summer! Full of trips to the sea and friends and family, and singing. I'm at my first gig at Wirksworth Festival this weekend - with Nansy and Sue, doing three-part harmonies. Not too nervous...

Also been full of art. I eventually realised the six foot commission would never fit in my van, so arranged some scary last-minute couriering to get it there in time for our visit. We hung it (not easy!) and here it is, in situ:

Exciting teaching opportunities too! I'm off down to Oxford to teach a class, hopefully in the spring. I'm also expecting to do some teaching weeks at a good friend's holiday cottages in South Devon - as well as being their 'resident artist' with work showing down there. Really excited about it -  got plenty of ideas for how to fill a day and I love helping people develop their artistic skills. A real turning point for me was going to Derbyshire artist Lewis Noble's weekend art course several years back - partly in hearing how he worked, and partly in giving myself permission and time to develop.

So along with paintings of the South Hams in Devon, the next thing I'm getting ready for is the Scottish Female Artists exhibition in Edinburgh, previewing on Thursday 6th October. Watch this space for images - got to get my act together!

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Wondering today about doing some teaching again. I'm loving the one-2-one sessions I've done recently, and am just thinking I could perhaps run a day at my studio for a few people to paint, learn, pub lunch... I don't know. Any thoughts? Got to discover how to advertise - not my strong point!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Etsy gift shop stuff :)

More JennyLou work today on Etsy, as above. These small canvases are ace studies for my gallery work. I'm loving doing them. Keeping very busy!!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Seascape so far

So far I'm happy - put the paint on the way I wanted, then took it off with the desired effect. The challenge is retaining a sense of control over the shapes. I feel like I need bigger hands and bigger cloths :) Just having to adjust the way I work. My aim is for chiaroscuro drama for the eye, the surround organically sweeping from your feet away round the headland, up round the sky and back in again. I know what I want...

High on life and chemicals.

So started work recently on my big 185 square canvas, downstairs in the barn since I can't get it up the stairwell! Discovered a bit too late that theres not much ventilation in there, so spent yesterday feeling high and fuzzy from the white spirit intake. Still, LOVING moving the oil about and creating the shapes; starting the texture and deciding on light. Might post a progress pic later on!

Did an art lesson for my friend recently who is studying art for GCSE - once again finding it so useful to articulate the way I work. Not often that things have to actually be straight and ordered in my head! She is studying ME as her course artist - how amazing is that...? She's written/illustrated an A3 book about my work and methods. Its so much more exciting than being accepted into a gallery or selling a painting. :)

Friday, 8 July 2011

New Etsy shop!

So got some lovely little black and white pieces up on Etsy now. They're 5 inches square - 3.8cm deep with black edges, and look lovely on the wall... I love doing them! Loving working under the name JennyLou too - just a little different perspective, different license.

My beautiful 6ft square hardwood canvas has arrived and that is next - just got to get it upstairs to the barn so I can start work!

My wonderful parents came to visit this week and I ended up giving my mum a short painting lesson - turns out she's very good. It was interesting to do - it made me articulate the methods I use. I hardly ever use brushes really - only to get the paint on the canvas. Then its a process of getting the shapes, colours, tones and textures perfectly balanced for the idea in my head - something I do mainly with rags, turps and scratchy things I find around the studio floor... I love the surface to feel like its emerged from the canvas, rather than been painted on there.

It was fun! And on our brief survey of family and friends afterwards, no one could tell which one I'd painted, and they all preferred mum's painting...

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Etsy Site

Quite excited as have been busy in between large oil paintings and framing missions, making small affordable art!

I recently sold off some small pieces to friends 'from the studio floor' and was amazed by how many friends wanted to buy my work - purely because they could actually afford it. I suppose its not that surprising but it did just make me think - I'd love my work to be more available...

I decided to open an Etsy site called Jenny Lou Art - and sell small, stylized oils and drawings as gifts - work that wouldn't fit in the galleries I exhibit from. Here's an example:

They're 8 inches square - haven't decided on the prices yet. What d'you think?

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Festivals and Frames

Such a good weekend in Devon - Home Festival at dartington, first small festival I've been to and I'm hooked.

Managed to get a day at the coast at Bigbury on Sunday, such gorgeous shape in the headland and the mica cliffs make for beautiful light.

Dropped my newly framed seascapes off at the Brownston Gallery in Modbury.

Its a great gallery space, with a lovely terrace coffee shop out the back and some beautiful art - especially love the work of Kathy Ramsay-Carr.

I've framed the work differently - moved away from white frames to chunkier bare wood frames, and I'm very happy with the finished effect. Frames make such a difference! They present the painting with finality and pride - and make the final step of independence from the artist. Always excited by the whole thing.

Got a link to my site on the site now - promoting the Coast exhibition for July. Its brilliant to be contributing to a collection of work specifically concerning a love of the sea. Feel I've somehow 'made it', whatever 'it' is. :)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Seawards again

Excited - get my paintings back for the Brownston Gallery this week - all nice and framed and lovely - then heading down in the van to drop them off, before heading on to the Home Festival at Dartington. Can't wait! Some sea/friends/family time on the Sunday/Monday, and bound to come back buzzing... All ready for my big seascape commission!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Before & After

Here's a before and after for you! (the top image being the 'before') Its a very recent painting I've done that will be heading down in its new white box frame to the Brownston Gallery in Modbury.

Its an unusual one, in that I almost prefer the drama and abstraction of the former painting... but it just didn't feel complete till it reached this latter stage. Gorse and Grass and light on the water. A piece destined to be more atmospheric and recognisable. It reminds me of wandering around the cliffs in Alderney, near Piacatie and my Aunty Pam's seat, looking south towards Guernsey and Jersey. Makes me homesick.

New pieces

Oo, good day. Friend of mine, Andrew Bird, messaged today that he'd had a 'finishing painting' day. Its the layering method - I've had a similar day. Working on canvases that have had hours poured into them... a few moments of inspiration and happy energy, and they're complete. A hugely satisfying, excellent feeling! The days of battle are long gone, and somehow it all just snaps into place. Here are today's pieces - sadly I didn't take 'before' pics!

Talisker, Skye - 60cm square
Along the Edges, Peak District 100cm x 30cm

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

New Gallery!

Really excited today - I've had a chat with Sue at the Brownston Gallery in Modbury, South Devon, and my work will be showing in their summer exhibition from mid July. 

I've wanted to have work homed in Devon for years! So now I've got four landscapes lined up to courier down in a few weeks time. Heading down that way with my eldest in a couple of weeks, to go to the Home Festival in Dartington. Amongst other varied world music (its run by the Womad organisers) Suzanne Vega is playing - really looking forward to it! 

Also excellent news: public art gallery Catmose College, based in Rutland, contacted me to ask for work for their summer exhibition.

Here's the blurb for it: 

"Catmose Gallery's holiday exhibition will comprise of several stunning seascape paintings created around the UK coastline, shown besides beautiful hand-made glass and unusual high quality ceramics inspired by the sea. The painters have been drawn from across the country for their expressive and traditional approach to capturing the diverse ambience of the coast, whilst the designer-makers have been selected for their modern reflections on the ocean 
within their practice. This is a great opportunity to purchase unique artwork."

Can't express how satisfying it is to be marked out for my work on painting the sea...

I actually have a large seascape commission I'm about to start - a 5ft square, along the lines of 'Still Looking':

Can't wait to see it in situ when its done!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Value of Art?

I sold a lot of work today - more than any other day in my life, actually - via my personal facebook page. It was work that needed a better home than my studio floor, never destined for a gallery wall. As such I decided to price it between £10 and £45...

So, loads of lovely friends said, yes please, I love your work! And I thought, well, this is fantastic, but all twisted. A lot of them have never been able to buy my work before. I never wanted to become an artist to sell to only those with hundreds of pounds worth of disposable income! Myself, I wish I could buy loads of art, but never really consider it as I just do not have that kind of money each month. And yes, I'm rubbish at saving... That was what dictated the prices - they are priced in a way that I could afford them, either for a gift or my own special purchase. If they cross the £45 border - doesn't matter how close - well, that goes out of my and many other's league, really. A friend saw the idea and did the same this afternoon, so now I'm the proud owner of a Jenny Oldknow painting - for a fiver. Happy Days!

Ok, the debate though. I need to make a full time living from this, as do thousands of other artists around the UK. This wouldn't be possible, selling work at prices this low. Can't paint 20 a day - don't want to, that really would devalue my work - and these paintings I sold are the result of expensive materials, weeks of work and obviously a lifetime of experience and study. Does it just devalue the work? I don't know. Who sets the values anyway? Is the value of art set through collaboration between artists, agents, galleries and customers? Not sure how balanced it all currently is...

I've kept this little sale all to private friends anyway, I'm not about to drop the good relationships I have with the galleries and various middlemen with whom I'm fortunate enough to have a relationship. Just trying to figure out how this could all work a bit better.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Todays work in progress

Well I'm having fun :)

Sometimes its a strangely torturous process, a battle in some way between me and the paint - right now I'm in this happy buzzy period where what I think and envisage is almost exactly what is emerging on canvas... Long may it last...

Monday, 23 May 2011

Musical transportation

Though it wasn't a mixtape today; it was the sound of the storm in the trees. Crashing white noise, rushing through in waves, took me to a coast about 500 miles away north west; always a good thing!

This is a work in progress; I like more lines, shape and more softness around the focal point to create rythym and balance. This is simply a rush of feeling, plastered on with rags and wide brushes, and fingers still blue...

Going to leave it smouldering for a few days to dry and go back with clean rags and stronger shape in mind. Liking it so far though!
Music wise - Bon Ivers been keeping me company :)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Coast. coast, coast

Think I should go to the sea every weekend. So bubbly full of shape and colour. Here's todays work: 


Finally, got to spend some precious time by the sea.

Spent a couple gloriously windswept days in the van in South Shields. Was hoping to get to Bamborough Castle a little further north, all sand dunes and stretches of wild empty coast - but maybe next time. Stuck with Marsden Bay, with its sea stacks and quirky cliff pub, and Whitburn/Seaburn where the sandstorms threatened to take a layer of skin off our legs. Lighthouses, fulmars, even bodyboarding. YES.

So, a head full of picture! Grey days, but the seasalt in the air made up for the lack of colour. About to go studiowards and will post results as and when. *big beaming smile*

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Line in

Right, so unfortunately patience didn't develop overnight and I had to go back to the canvas today. The weather being warm the paint was actually just about ready...

So here's the result:

I'm a lot happier with this.

The reasons for this are not, perhaps, immediately obvious...

I am simply looking for the feeling of a place. It isn't much more complex really. I want the ground to rush to your feet and pull; I want the atmosphere to hit you in the face. That sparkling essence of a mental snapshot, recalling why it was so evocative in the first place. I want to look at these paintings and see why I painted them.

So this one - well, ta dah, its a coastline. 'Line In'. But its pulling me, and asking me why I'm not there in it. And other big questions! And ultimately I just feel that these pieces that speak to and work for me are somehow better paintings.

I'm not sure me and Line In are finished - it certainly hasn't asked for the trek I was predicting yesterday. But we've reached an understanding in the relationship :)

Monday, 9 May 2011

Art of patience

So here's a taster of a 'bad day'... or a work-in-progress, depending on how positive a light you want to shed!

Think I'm going for the positive, as I sit in the sun listening to Lamb armed with tea, writing this. New Lamb Album is BEAUTIFUL.

Sometimes I just do not know what I am doing. I literally have to go back to the colour-wheel!! I've given myself so much freedom to paint intuitively, emotively, that I get lost in the physicality of it - the smearing of creamy paint, cleansing of turps, and tiny knife marks where it counts... I'm so desperate to get the strength of image in my head onto the canvas, but with each painting it seems as if there is only one possible outcome, and its a marathon journey to reach it! Other times its just round the corner...

This one - is definitely a good 26 miles to go. Aaargh! How can I produce such boring, twee imagery when the stuff behind my eyes is just buzzing?!

Anyway... perhaps his will turn into something beautiful. These seascapes always take me three or four visits, and I am only on the second... I'm just so impatient!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Busy hols... moving best friend Dawn from London to here - woo hoo! - and general lovely business with the lodger Duncans. They're going home soon and its going to be far too quiet!

First day back today and as usual not the best results painting-wise. Always seems to take a couple of days to sink back into Jenny Aitken : Artist before it all starts flowing again. Unquenched desire to go coastal not helping either - not sure when I'm next going to get to the sea and I'm feeling a little bit lost...

However had a near-perfect walk round Shining Cliff Woods near Belper at the weekend. Bluebells, garlic and a 2000 yr old Yew. A family lived in it 200 years ago, carving a cradle in one of the boughs, engendering the nursery rhyme 'Rockabye Baby'. A magical ancient woodland, wanted to hang around all day.

Hopefully watch this space for more success with paint...

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Weekend creativenessiness!

Out in the garden today, building willow structures to grow scented things up as well as borlotti beans! Very satisfying and lovely in the sun... hoping the weather doesn't turn round and freeze it all back again over the next couple weeks...

Matt the man is out building a gorgeous stone wall complete with bbq. Porcupine tree and Dan Arborise blasting out destroying the peace in a beautiful way. Happy Sunday!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Sunny social networking !

Had a lovely morning at I Should Cocoa, Belper, meeting artist/landscape designer Andrew Bird in the flesh!
Connected a short while back via twitter. I love conversation with others treading the artist path; simple chatter about materials and beloved views really brightens up a day. Discovered he has family connections to Alderney - how bizarre!

I recently met up with the lovely Jenny Oldknow, also an artist based in Belper; on this occasion through Facebook. There's negatives to all this online time but I love the opportunity for new communication streams... Sharing of links, ideas, news and general bubble. Ideal for the isolated artist!

Back to the brush this afternoon and here's the latest:

Fort Clonque in Alderney. Calm one minute but utterly wild the next, and huge tides. On the spring tides when the sea recedes you can find Ormers - mother-of-pearl, or Abalone shells - under the rocks in the furthest pools. Its a haven for the coastal treasure-hunter!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Loosening up again

Bit looser again today!

I feel like each piece is a lesson for me in tonal values, balance etc - at this rate its going to feel pretty challenging going back to the full palette in the studio! I have started some larger work up there though and its always good to brush out deep, beautiful alizarin crimson onto canvas.

Anyway for now its Indigo and titanium white in loose, rushing waves.

And the music backdrop today was Cutty Wren, by Steeleye Span! Hoping to cover this one with my two tuneful friends, Sue and Nansy. Pretty impressed with ourselves for our version of 'Ye Banks and Braes' - though not planning on inflicting anything on the public as yet...

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Pets n Paintings

Had a visitor this week for a couple of days. A small black and white patterdale terrier turned up in the kitchen with no collar and no desire to leave - what with the Duncans staying she ended up being pampered by 8 doggy people. Aside from feeling like a criminal when I phoned Amber Valley Council to report her found, the whole 2-day experience was pretty lovely! Did make me think, though - the freedom I currently enjoy is huge. So very appreciative...

Freely been painting what I felt like painting today, in my kitchen with Maximo park on. Carrying on with black and whites, but looking more at Alderney landscapes as I am dead-set on fitting our yearly visit in soon!! Somehow.

So this is Braye Harbour, in Alderney. Sat on the Breakwater! Ooooh I want another sea trip. Ended up doing this piece much more finely that I would normally... maybe because its such a very strong image in my head. Haven't painted Alderney for a while, looking forward to some looser work; the tides there are incredibly strong around such a tiny, resilient landmass of cliffs, heath and sand. I love it.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hm. Todays thought: don't cut corners.

I know what I need in order to be able to work. Its pretty simple. A good block of time. A tidy(ish) studio. Music. (the right music!)

But above all... clean brushes, clean solvent, clean cloths and plenty of paint (essential: alizarin crimson, prussian blue, cerulean, titanium white). Because surprise, surprise: beautiful colours and contrasts don't happen with oily mud.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I will have re-re-relearned this lesson and be ready to go. After a good hour of cleaning and prep! The studio is lovely in this weather - all sunlit, airy glaze and the wonderful smell of warm oil paint.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Hobbling ahead

So the knee isn't good but the paintings going well!

Here's the latest two... its all making me want to go back to Cornwall!

The beach at Bedruthan, a favourite subject of mine... Its the mixed sensations of freedom and claustrophobia. A wild place surrounded by precipitous headland and powerful tides that cut off the access. And warring gulls and ravens. Poetry.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Eek. Woke up Sunday with only one working leg... not sure what I've done but its certainly slowed me down!

Rules out a number of things I was going to be up to today but on the plus side, I'm going to have to spend more time sat down with a brush in hand.

I got a delivery back from Scotland Art today of six paintings that have done their time up in Glasgow and Edinburgh - its like welcoming back old friends! They are now available on my mini-gallery site and living happily on my own walls for the moment.

Its not often work stays on the walls - partly because its typically painted for gallery exhibition, and partly because there's always something new to hang! Its really rare that I want to keep a painting. People often ask if there are pieces that I cannot bear to part with. But to keep hold of a painting renders it somehow incomplete - to see it homed is an essential part of the cycle for me. It seems that each piece I deem to be finished has somewhere its meant to go - and only very occasionally, that's with me.

Hobbling off to the docs now to find out what on earth I've done.

Friday, 1 April 2011


I did it - I managed to pick the brushes up and get going again... watch this space!

So excited!

Have agreed to work with Lorna Mcnee of Art Agent Europe to promote my paintings in London, Ireland and the North East. She is full of helpful advice on the whole marketing malarkey, too - including how to make my cv a lot more interesting. Just not the way my mind works!

My work is available this week at the Chelsea Art fair with Woodbine Contemporary Art too. And i had my first enquiry from my Pet Portrait website, this could all make for much arty busy-ness! Brilliant. The last few months have seen a bit of a rest from the brushes; I'm anxious to move on from that now. Just ordered 24 canvases for my mini-gallery exploits - where I am planning to sell work exclusive to that site. Will post new paintings to the blog - they will be black and white oil landscapes on unframed canvas, hopefully :)

On the larger canvases I am going to have to include some Moroccan colour! I really want to go back...

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Moroccan hangover

OOO I loved Morocco. What I saw of it, anyway. Due to my incredibly high-flying, talented sister's relationship with Hilton Hotel, I ended up staying in the most opulent resort imaginable on the coast near El Jadid. It was a speedy weekend visit, taking in the hotel pool, hotel spa, hotel restaurants and hotel bar - but the organisers did also squeeze in time for an afternoon at the Souk in El Jadid. I was struck by how friendly and communal the place felt. And I loved using my rusty French all over the place!

Now back, and though down twenty degrees in temperature, I'm excited to be in conversation with an artists agency. Will keep you posted!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

So Elbow were fantastic! Seasoned professionals, managing to turn a cavernous space into an intimate experience.
Attempting to make my weedily spacial front garden into something intimate through planting STUFF everywhere - last yr it was a freebie trampoline - v successful - and this week has seen the plantation of a willow dome! I absolutely loved making it - haven't used my hands in that way (bar snow sculpture n fimo!) since A levels...
But back to the studio... have spent some time in there pondering the squares of white and since I'm off to Morocco tomorrow with lovely sis, I'm leaving major beginnings till next week. Who knows how the exotic will inspire, anyway!
Armed with a dress n sandals and can't wait. :)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Onwards & Upwards

Spent this afternoon clearing the studio - and you may not notice much difference but its now definitely ready for me to be back in it with a vengeance! Can't wait. Brimming with ideas.

New site!

Just got a new site set up with Mini-gallery -

Spent last Sunday collecting willow for a dome for our garden, hopefully building it tomorrow! Helped tend the one across the road at the girls school, its a satisfying art... Got my fingers itching for rags and paint. The day is shining outside and this spring feels so hopeful, despite the terrible happenings around the world. New paintings are going to focus on the power and resilience of the land, I think.

Off to see Elbow Saturday, now there's an inspirational band :)

Friday, 11 March 2011


So after a week of writing to galleries, getting to grips with Google adwords and other such admin stuff, I'm absolutely dead set that next week is only about painting. Once my lovely house guests have headed off, anyway!!

I'm at that exciting stage again where my mind is brimming over with colour n pictures n poetry and its got to come out. I even wrote a letter to a friend this week - not done that in an age! I'd happily relaxed into the world of immediate communication, forgetting the draw of the handwritten letter. Hopefully its legible.

Spent last night round at Colin Hallidays with Heather Duncan - excited to see Colins new work on his website, landscapes looking fresh and beautiful. Especially like this one:

Friday, 4 March 2011

Sat in the vibrant Derby Quad this am and had a lovely cuppa, over a deep and intense discussion. Debate is sometimes good, but I am all washed out now!! So spending the rest of the day thinking about rabbits losing their fluff and the Tai Chi course I'm about to start. Also off to see The Dream Circuit play this Saturday in Stoke with hub Matt and friend Tony B.

In other news, my work will appear via Woodbine Contemporary Arts at the Chelsea Art Fair and the Affordable Art Fair this month. Exciting!

Big questions of life aside, all is currently sunny!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

New adventures in artistry!

So, 2011!

Whilst work is ticking along nicely on the landscapes side, I've decided to make more of the portraits that I do. I've created a website for it - go see at!

Will post more soon about exhibitions planned for this year - things are going well at Scotlandart, up in Edinburgh and Glasgow, I'll be sending new work there soon.

Off out to enjoy a moment of sunlight!