Thursday, 28 January 2010

Insomnia & painting

Its been months...

But I'm now recovering from about 3 months of very little sleep. Its difficult to express the deadening effect of constant wakefulness. Needless to say it doesn't really fuel the creativity. I did get a weeks inspirational holiday in Skye in Novemember though which left me with a head full of potential paintings!

Talisker Bay
After a great (if sleepless) Christmas, the last couple of weeks have been much more positive and I'm back in the studio. Freezing but so good to be painting again... I've got so much to get onto canvas as a result of such a long gap! I am exhibiting at Woodbine Contemporary Arts, Uppingham in Rutland - work for 'A Scottish Collection' from 13th - 27th February. All the pieces for this exhibition are directly inspired by my recent trip to Skye. A beautiful, lonely island; slightly less awe-inspiring than the north-west mainland for me but offering a sense of otherworldliness that I haven't experienced anywhere else. And a very friendly pub in Stein!

Scotland Art are showing my work at the Affordable Art Fair in London, in March. In May I'll be exhibiting with them in Edinburgh again as part of a contemporary landscape exhibition.

Looking Up (Dunvegan, Skye) - oil on canvas, 60x60cm

In the back of my mind I'm aware that spring is coming and the garden won't stay dormant... but for now, its all about yellow ochre, music and zest-it. :)