Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Regular blogging obviously doesn't come naturally.... been busy out in the garden trying to grow veggies, control falling walls and getting into the studio when I can. Not really been away this summer, which is unusual. Consequently I am desperately missing the sea. Hoping to head up to the Lakes at the end of the month with Heather Duncan so perhaps I'll grab a day to go perch on a rock and stare.

Much good news this month - sold work from Scotland Art and about to send up ten new pieces for the October exhibition. They are also going to take my work to the Affordable Art Show in London in March, which is fantastic.

I'm also having an exhibition at The Mulberry Gallery in Swanage in October - six paintings to produce for that. Suddenly nicely busy! I will post images of the new pieces as soon as I'm utterly happy with them all. Any day now, I'm sure!

The girls went back to school this week so been back full time in the studio, watching the georgeous September weather over Alport heights and listening to Turin Brakes, Dave Matthews, and the Raconteurs. A lovely life..

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