Wednesday, 18 March 2009


The next couple days are going to be spent sketching, as I'm still waiting on the canvas delivery (which grew in my renewed enthusiasm into a canvas, paper, oils, acrylics, brushes and graphite delivery.)

This painting is the result of an afternoon last week, sat by the river Wye in Bakewell. Initially it was an overly detailed acrylic, lacking in colour and movement.

Its progress was greatly aided through the couple more hours spent in a warm studio with oils and tea! This is an important aspect for me; to come away from the scene and let the impression of a place grow in my mind, and develop on the canvas.

I've not worked on a lot of river scenes in the past, and I'm enjoying the challenge of less horizon and smaller focus. In contrast I spent the day on Curbar edge yesterday; all birdsong, distance and barren moor... that might fend off the river scenes before too long!

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